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Desserts worth Drooling In Best Indian Restaurant London

The popularity and high demands of Indian cuisine are known worldwide. It is quite surprising to know that the ‘butter chicken’ or ‘chicken tikka masala’ is considered as a national favorite in UK. Along with the spicy and savory dishes of the country, Indian desserts too have made a place in the global scenario. After a sumptuous Indian meal, having their best desserts is definitely an experience in its own. With increasing demands, the numbers of Indian restaurant London are increasing. The spread that they lay out for their customers is elaborate – right from starters to desserts. 

When you are looking for best Indian food in London, you cannot miss the excellent desserts of Indian. Mentioned below are some of the desserts which are must try.

  • Gulabjamun–Balls of dough, which are fried and then sweetened are what gulabjamuns are exactly. Sometimes fresh quality “chenna” is also used in this sweet dish. Powdered milk is added to the base of the sweet. Small balls are made and they are put in a simmering pot containing oil. After frying the dough balls lightly, they are put in sugar syrup for quite some time so that absorption takes place in a short span of time. Sometimes the syrup is flavored with rose water. 
  • Kulfi–You can consider this as Indianized version of ice-cream, but kulfi is much thicker. The whipping process of ice-cream is not used in kulfi. Heavy cream, condense milk and evaporated milk are evaporated and then turned into a thick mixture. The mixture needs freezing well. Various flavors and tastes can be impaired in kulfi as per one’s own preference. It is sold in popsicle-style in many places, even in a restaurant. 
  • Kajukatli–This sweet is one of the most important and prominent sweets offered during Diwali. It is completely nut-based dessert. Cashew nuts need to be pulverized into powder. The powder is mixed with sugar and water and boiled till the time when it comes a paste. The paste has to be kneaded till the time it become hard like the consistency of a dough. The dough is rolled out in a thick sheet form and then cut into diamond shape. Each piece is separated from one another and left till the time it dries. The rich and nutty dessert comes with excellent taste.
  • RasMalai–One of the most popular Bengali desserts, rasmalai comes as a combination of liquid and solid components. It is needless to say that this sweet is extremely delicious. Paneer balls are cooked in boiling sweet syrup, till they are extremely soft. These balls are then served in a milk mixture of saffron, whole milk and cardamom, which is boiled for thickening. The entire dessert is served chilled. The consistency is smooth and creamy at the same time.
  • Seviyakheer–This sweet dish has gained immense popularity in households in London as well as in many Indian restaurants in Chelsea and in London. Milk based dessert with velvety texture, this dish looks and tastes brilliant. Vermicelli noodles are slightly toasted in ghee or oil. The toasted vermicelli is given a thicker consistency by boiling the milk. The thickness of the dish might vary. This will depend on personal preference as well as on the time for which milk will be boiled. The kheer can be made rich by adding saffron and cardamom along with almond slivers and other kinds of dry fruits. This is a dessert which can be eaten cold as well as hot. The sweet dish is brilliantly done in almost all places. 

There are other options too in the form of other sweets. Each restaurant has its specialty. Even in London, get the best Indian food items (including sweets) with the most authentic flavors and great taste. 

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