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The Rise of Food Truck Culture in America

From a simple and convenient way of providing “fast food” to a whole new culinary culture, food trucks are stepping up on the culinary scene. From the heart of the USA to all corners of the world, food trucks are setting new standards in the food industry. 

This USA’s trend is conquering the world while making food simple, fun, delicious and affordable.

The world is spinning faster than ever bringing changes that were once considered foolish. Eating from a street food truck was a way of providing affordable food. Nowadays, it’s a cool place to eat and a trendy story to put on your Instagram profile, isn’t it?

Of course, people are going mad for food trucks. They are more than just food providers these days. Colorful and thematic, categorized by dietary preferences and characteristic menus, they offer high-quality food and services.

It’s obvious why people prefer to eat at a food truck nowadays. In the USA, food truck culture is setting new standards for the practice. Moreover, they are the reason why some USA cities are famous for. And it’s not at all a coincidence. Orlando’s top-rated food trucks are a good definition of how much has the food truck culture progressed in the past years.

Undeniably the birthplace of the practice, America, has launched food trucks across the world. But how did this innovative small business survived the great bite of the ever-expanding consumeristic world?

Let’s look at the story!

The Rise 

Materializing the idea of selling food on the street is not a surprising action. But who did it first?

There are many historical sources that refer to selling food on the street when living conditions were not so suitable for cooking meals. Dating back to the 17th century, small food carts were selling simple food. Street food has been an American dining habit for centuries.

The street food revolution proceeds throughout the years represented by ice-cream trucks and hot-dog carts. The ever-evolving culture gets its “Food Trucks” Wikipedia page in 2006. Let’s say that from this year on, the food truck revolution is conquering the world.

As a silver lining, the big American recession was another factor responsible for the growing number of trucks on the streets. The economic downturn spurred the success of the mobile industry. Many talented chefs and food businessmen made small investments in what it looked like a convenient way to reach their customers. And the food trucks were on every corner.

The Popularity

Food trucks slowly became a crucial part of the food industry and a strong representation of the big USA cities. Their versatility, convenience and good service, became a regular part of many big events across the states. 

Truth to be told, the food truck business also enjoys the great benefits of social media. In fact, its great popularity relies on powerful social media marketing.

Food truck owners, more than ever, work towards the improvement of the design, food offers and the amusing additions to their business. This attracts many people to join their Facebook communities, follow their events and location lists. Moreover, more than ever, people enjoy mobile caterings for their private and office parties.

The expanding of the scene contributes greatly to American society. Few American states and a lot of the big cities are famous for their wide food truck offers. This means that they are a huge touristic attraction that adds greatly to the rising of the economy. Moreover, what it seems like a small brunch of the food industry is estimated to be worth around billion dollars.

Modern Day Customers 

Eating on the go is such a convenient practice for the modern world we live in. It’s fast and it  surrounds us with unexpected opportunities. Exactly like a food truck.

Simplicity and quality are what makes people satisfied these days. Therefore, many chefs and businessmen go for a restaurant on wheels. Chasing people’s fast-paced lifestyles, one can never stay in one place and wait for the customers to come.

Additionally, a food truck is a great way for expressing the uniqueness or bring unconventional food ideas close to everyone.

Food truck owners are making more than a customer base. They make valuable communities. Well, food always brings people closer and that is what makes food trucks so special. They offer great informal events. Moreover, they provide the cutest catering and by all means fresh food.

The prejudice and taboos surrounding the vendors are long gone. People are thrilled with the offers and eager to enjoy new food experiences. Food trucks bring different cultures and cuisines closer to anyone, everywhere in the world.

Tom Clark: Tom, a travel and food blogger, explores the world one dish at a time. His blog is a collection of local cuisines, food culture, and culinary adventures from his travels. His vivid descriptions and beautiful photos make his readers feel like they're dining right alongside him