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Discover Unexpected Food Flavors In Krakow, Poland

Culture, history and medieval architecture motivate people from all around the world to visit Krakow in Poland. Many make a trip to enjoy delicious Polish food and vodka. You can join a Food Tour Krakow and discover that the local food scene is beyond sausages and dumplings you expected to find.

Discover unexpected food flavors in Krakow


The delicious dumplings have variety of traditional fillings like spinach & sauerkraut, mushroom, and potato & cheese. The surprising part is that there are cherry pierogies, which hooks eaters after the first bite. This dessert pierogi is full of juicy sour cherries.


Polish vodkas can be sipped plain without any mixer. You will get to enjoy vodkas in flavors like walnut, rye, vanilla, caramel, elderberry and more. Flavored vodkas are commonly available in bars and can be your choice even if it is not your kind of liquor.


Sausages are grilled and served with bread, pickle, sauces, and grilled onions. The kielbasa is juicy and flavorful with crunchy bite and smokey taste.


It is a smoked cheese [sheep’s milk]. It is a delicacy cooked using traditional process by farmers only in summer. It is not included on the menu after October till following spring.The lightly fried oscypek is served with jam.


A street food resembling French bread pizza and a long bread piece is cut length-wise in hald. It is then topped with cheese and mushroom before toasting. Scallions get generously sprinkled on top to add another crunchy layer.


Bigos fits comfort food category. A stew cooked from meat and cabbage. It is served hot. Bigos is popular dish served on Easter and Christmas holidays. Prepare Bigos in advance and a simple reheating is needed to be served at a party.


Zalewajka is traditional soup cooked from sourdough bread and vegetables. Barszcz is a beet soup broth based and served warm.


Craft beer arena is active in Krakow, so you can try couple of beer at the local brewery. The golden ales and IPAs popular in the US were refreshing than the ones tasted back home.

Potato pancakes

Potato pancakes are lightly fried then served with sour cream.


It is a side dish including cooked beet, balsamic vinegar and seasoning. It can be served warm alongside a main dish.

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