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User Experience: Stories from Mail Order Marijuana Customers

For many people, purchasing marijuana has been an absolute hassle despite how many states have legalized its use both medicinally and recreationally. For some, dispensaries can be difficult to access, while for others, they may feel uncomfortable seeking out a dispensary in person. Fortunately, mail order marijuana has emerged as a viable and legal option making it convenient and discreet for those who need it.

This article will discuss everything you need to know about mail order marijuana, from the benefits and risks, to the legality and where to purchase it.

Benefits of mail order marijuana

Convenience: You do not have to leave the comfort of your home to purchase marijuana, all you have to do is place an order, and it will be delivered to your doorstep. This is ideal for people who have disabilities, live far from dispensaries, or have busy schedules.

Discretion: Marijuana is still stigmatized in some states, and many people may not be comfortable being seen visiting a dispensary. With mail order marijuana, there is no need to worry about being seen and judged.

Quality Assurance: Most mail-order marijuana companies will test their product for quality assurance before shipping out their products to customers. They will indicate the THC/CBD levels, cannabinoid profile, and any potential contaminants.

Wide range of options: With mail order marijuana, you have access to a wide variety of strains, edibles, and other infused products. There are even some companies that offer monthly subscription boxes that come with different products for your enjoyment.

Risks of mail order marijuana

Despite the benefits of mail order marijuana, it is essential to be wary of the following risks.

Scams: There are always dishonest people out there trying to make money off unsuspecting customers. Ensure that you research the company and read reviews before you make a purchase.

Security risks: If you have your marijuana shipped to your home, it could be stolen or confiscated before it gets to you. Additionally, any personally identifiable information you provide could be stolen if the company’s website is hacked.

Legality: Marijuana is only legal in certain states, and while some companies may claim to ship to all states, purchasing marijuana in a state where it is illegal is still illegal.

Where to purchase mail order marijuana

Dispensaries who offer delivery services

Online dispensaries – You can purchase marijuana through online dispensaries that deliver anywhere in the country

Social media- Another way to purchase marijuana is through social media platforms such as Instagram and Facebook. However, you should proceed with extreme caution as it’s very easy to fall victim to a scam.

Legalities and regulations of mail order marijuana

As mentioned, marijuana is only legal in certain states for medicinal or recreational use. It’s essential to follow state law and regulations when it comes to the purchase and consumption of marijuana. Purchasing marijuana from other states where it is legal but still illegal in your state could lead to criminal charges.

It’s always important to purchase marijuana legally and from reputable sources to ensure quality and safety. Illegal or unregulated products could contain harmful contaminants, which can harm the body.


Mail order marijuana has become an increasingly popular option for people who require marijuana for medicinal or recreational use. It is important to weigh the benefits and risks before choosing to purchase from a mail-order marijuana company. Always do your research, read reviews, and purchase from reputable companies to ensure high-quality products. Finally, ensure you follow state laws and regulations for the purchase and consumption of marijuana to avoid any legal issues.

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