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Travel Through Traditions: A Guide to Spending Passover Abroad

Passover is a time of celebration and remembrance for Jews all over the world. It is a time of family gatherings, traditional foods, and religious observances that help us connect with our cultural identity. However, for many modern Jews, it can be a challenge to balance holiday observances with busy work and travel schedules. That’s why Pesach on the Go has become increasingly popular in recent years. This unique option lets Jewish families blend vacation and observance for a Passover experience that is both fun and meaningful Passover vacations.

Pesach on the Go offers a wide range of options for Jewish travelers, from cruises and resorts to private villas and vacation homes. Each option offers its own unique blend of cultural immersion, family entertainment, and kosher dining. For example, Pesach Programs offers all-inclusive resort packages that include an array of activities, including concerts, lectures, and children’s programs, as well as daily prayer services and meals. Guests can choose from destinations all over the world, including Mexico, Israel, and the Caribbean.

Another popular option is the Pesach Villas program, which offers families the opportunity to rent a luxury villa or house for the week. This option provides the utmost privacy and freedom, allowing guests to create their own observance and schedule. Villas come fully staffed with kosher chefs and housekeeping, and many include private pools and beach access. Additionally, guests can choose to bring their own rabbi or religious leader to guide them through the holiday.

For those looking for a more adventurous option, kosher cruises might just be the perfect solution. These cruises offer all the amenities and entertainment of a typical cruise, with the added bonus of Passover services and observances. Guests can explore exotic destinations such as the Mediterranean, Alaska, and South America while dining on gourmet kosher meals and participating in daily prayer services and lectures. Many of these cruises also feature celebrity speakers and entertainers to enhance the experience.

If you’re looking to blend traditional Passover observance with a modern twist, you might want to consider the Pesach@Disney program. This one-of-a-kind option provides families with the opportunity to observe Passover with Disney-themed activities and events. Guests can attend nightly Seders in a Disney hotel ballroom, participate in Passover-themed crafts and games, and even enjoy a private meeting with Mickey Mouse. This program is perfect for families with young children who want to experience the magic of Disney while connecting with their Jewish heritage.


No matter which Pesach on the Go option you choose, you can be sure that you’ll have a unique and memorable Passover experience. Whether you prefer a resort, a villa, a cruise, or a Disney adventure, these programs offer something for everyone. By blending vacation and observance, you can create a holiday experience that is both relaxing and spiritually fulfilling. So, why not make your next Passover a Pesach on the Go? You won’t regret it!

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