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The Perfect Shoes for the Perfect Trainging

Finding running shoes that fit perfectly at your feet is not a simple task. The current market offers such a large number of models that it can sometimes overwhelm you. However, it is worth spending some time to properly inform yourself and be able to compare the different models, since your running shoes play a fundamental role in absorbing and reducing the vibrations that occur when your feet come in contact with the ground in each stride.

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Therefore, if you choose inappropriate running shoes you will have to face a lot of adverse effects and nothing recommended. In this post we want to give you some fundamental tips so that you have some basic notions when you go to choose your next running shoes and, in this way, your purchase is as satisfactory as possible. Choosing the best training shoes for sprinters happens to be essential now.

In addition to having the most complete Running Shoe Comparator we want to help you so that your choice is not based only on the price or aesthetics of the model. We want you to choose the shoe that best suits your way of running and your physical characteristics. You already know that we offer a free advice service on the choice of your ideal shoe.

Guide to choose running shoes

What is pronation and how does it affect when choosing a shoe?

The pronation is the rotation of the foot inwards at the moment in which it comes into contact with the ground at the time of running or walking. It is part of the natural movement and helps to withstand the impact of each stride. Depending on each person, the rotation of the foot may be less and is called supination or greater, also known as excessive pronation.

Having a pronator tread is not good or bad, but it does affect the way you run and can cause injuries. Because of this, running shoes have different designs that take into account different kinds of pronation. Depending on the type of pronation you have, you should choose a certain type of running shoe. For the boxing shoes vs. wrestling shoes this is important.

Neutral pronation

Look at your shoes. If the outside of the soles have an S-shaped wear from the heel to the toe, it is quite likely that your pronation or tread is neutral. If so, we congratulate you because you have a wide catalog of running shoes.

Supination or reduced pronation

When the rotation of the foot is less supination occurs . Your weight is supported on the side of the shoe when supporting the foot, affecting the efficiency of the tread. The impact of the foot against the ground causes a greater vibration that affects the upper part of your legs. Runners with supine footsteps are more likely to suffer injuries and fractures due to the impact of their tread. If this is your case, choose a shoe with good cushioning.

Excessive pronation

The pronator tread occurs when the rotation of the foot is excessive. On this occasion, the weight of your body tends to transfer to the inside of the foot, causing a contact between the floor and the inside of the shoe, instead of the metatarsals. This results in an imbalance, causing the foot to rotate inward to regain some of the lost stability.

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