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How to clean a toaster?

Cleaning the kitchen and all the kitchen utensils is very much important. It is the only way, which help us in making our cooking more enjoyable and entertaining. Toaster, which is one of the best and famous kitchen utensils; with which we can easily make our cooking time-saving and tasty. But on the other hand, cleaning toaster is very much difficult. If you are already using a toaster, then here in this post, we will share all those tips and tricks, which will make your toaster cleaning activity easy and time-saving. 

The toaster is among those kitchen appliances that we missed cleaning. Therefore, it is very much important that you should follow the right steps for the process for how to clean a toaster. So, let’s have a look.

To start the cleaning process, you should remove the crumb tray from the bottom. After that, you should move to the process of cleaning from the interior as well as exterior. After doing all the things, now you come up with the freshly cleaned and hygienic toaster.

Step 1:

Unplug your toaster first

To prevent an electric shock, it is very much important that you should unplug your toaster first. After unplugging your toaster, you should know that you must require a broad space for and you can use a newspaper to collect bread crumbs from your toast.

Remove your crumb tray

Crumb tray is present within the bottom of the toaster, you can easily slide it down and clean the entire tray. If you are not having an idea about removing your crumb tray, then you can check out the instruction manual.

Shake your crumb tray

To remove crumb from your tray, you have to shake your tray properly so that you can easily remove extra crumbs from your tray. While doing so, the things that you can remove are debris, dirt, and crumbs. You can also use a newspaper, for collecting things from your toaster.

Clean your tray using warm water and soap within it

As we all know how much warm water is beneficial in the cleaning process. It eases the release of dirt, grease, and other impurities from the toaster. You can also add soapy water to it to make your process easy and convenient.

Deep clean once a month

If you regularly use a toaster, then to maintain it or make it cleaned, then you must deep clean it once a month. 


At last, we hope that you have cleared with all the best ways about how to clean a toaster. The above steps for how to clean toaster will work on every type of toaster irrespective of the model or brand you own.

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