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Choosing Your Options for the best Celtic Atmosphere

It is a repository of various musical genres and styles of traditional singing and instrumental playing methods from those countries and regions where a Celtic language is spoken. We are mainly talking about traditional music from Ireland, Scotland, Wales, Isle of Man, Cornwall, (Basse) Brittany and the northwestern part of Spain: Galicia and Asturias.

  • Celtic music is therefore a contemporary term that has little to do with the Celts, but more so with regional music and commerce. That stands out even better when you look at the musical instruments used; electric musical instruments are of course not to be called traditional.
  • Record companies, music magazines, reviewers have combined many types of music from a commercial point of view. Mystical music, new age music, fantasy, Middle Ages and the music of the “Celtic” regions are all covered by celtic. With the best uilleann pipes this is the best deal.

Music to which soothing properties such as meditative, uplifting and mystical are ascribed falls under Celtic music, for example medieval music, mystical music, esoteric, music with fantasy films (especially the Tolkien film Lord of the Rings), and New Age.

Origin of Celtic music

In the 18th century there was a revival of the Celtic cultural heritage called the Celtic Revival . It was a romanticized movement where the old Celtic culture was mixed with contemporary elements. This, incidentally, did not take place in all regions where the Celts used to live.

The first major recent revival was that of Irish music (or Irish ‘folk revival’) . This took place in the period around the 60s / 70s years of the 20th century.

In the 1990s, the popularity of Irish and Scottish music was boosted by the great tap dance shows of Riverdance and Lord of the Dance.

  • Surprisingly, Tolkien is a major pioneer for contemporary interest in Celtic music. Both his fantasy books and the film adaptations of his books contain many Celtic elements. The Lord of the Rings film trilogy was enormously promoted and hyped. Because of this, the elements of Lord of the Rings (fantasy, little medieval, mysticism) were suddenly also classified under the heading of Celtic.

Used musical instruments

With Celtic music, preference is generally given to “traditional musical instruments”. As described above, contemporary musical instruments are also used, a little depending on what actual music flow it is. With the best ukulele tuner amazon you need the best.

Celtic Connections is like a huge New Year’s party for lovers of traditional and roots music. More than 2000 musicians from 30 countries often give unparalleled concerts or participate in equally special projects. Every day between 19 January and 5 February 2017, 20 concerts, sessions, radio shows, workshops, etc. take place every day at various locations.

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Last Words

The city literally vibrates on the tones of Celtic Music. If you watch the full program, you soon realize that you have to miss as many concerts as you can experience concerts. “Choosing is always losing a little,” certainly applies here.

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