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Real Relationships in a Virtual World: Using an Online Ordering App to Build Customer Connections

Restaurant online ordering apps have proven to be exceptionally popular in the last year-and-a-half. In fact, 43% of all delivery orders have been placed using a restaurant app. Customers have openly expressed a preference for ordering directly from a restaurant and so are generally drawn to custom-branded apps over third-party platforms. From a restaurant’s perspective, a customer-branded online ordering app is far more economically viable, boosting the profitability of each order by 30%.

Over and above this, online ordering apps enable your restaurant to cultivate a close rapport with your customers. Strong bonds foster customer loyalty, which in turn brings in repeat orders that are higher in value. Studies have revealed that loyal customers spend 67% more than new customers also accounting for up to 80% of a business’ revenue.  If, as the numbers show, loyal customers generate the majority of your restaurant’s income, then in order to thrive it is vital for your restaurant to build solid relationships with your customers.

How can you use your online ordering app to connect with your customers, you ask? It is as easy as 1-2-3:

1. Push notifications:

Your restaurant online ordering app will (or at least it should!) allow you to send push notifications. These messages are like virtual conversations with your customers who will be able to instantly recognize that they are from you. Short and direct, they are an efficient and eye-catching way of keeping your app users up-to-date on the happenings at your restaurant. Whatever your news may be, the launch of new menu items or promotions or special offers, you can immediately share it with the users of your app. Clicking on a push notification will take your customer directly to your app, making it super convenient for them to order from you.

2. Loyalty programs:

The clue is in the title: the main purpose of loyalty programs is to nurture…well, loyalty of course! Digital stamp cards, for instance, entice your customers with the promise of a freebie or discount after a set number of purchases. Exclusive promo codes for regular app users will coax them to buy more because they will feel special – they will see themselves as being among a select few who can claim this discount or offer. Loyalty programs inculcate the feeling that those customers are a part of a privileged group who enjoy advantages that no one else has.

3. Targeted messaging:

Each time a customer uses your online ordering app there is data generated and this data is a goldmine for you. There is so much you can learn from data analytics – who are your regular customers? what are the most popular dishes? what are the most sought after pairings? which time of day is there the highest demand for specific dishes? With this information you can create targeted marketing campaigns reaching the right audience with the right type of message. Be it an email, SMS or social media post, your communication is more likely to generate sales when it is based on data.

Applova’s restaurant online ordering apps keep you in close contact with your customers. You can reach out to each app user directly through push notifications. You can design your own loyalty program with their digital stamp card facility. Applova’s sophisticated data analytics offers clear and precise insights that can inform your campaigns and communications. With Applova you can develop long-lasting relationships with your customers, thus securing their ongoing patronage.

Tom Clark: Tom, a travel and food blogger, explores the world one dish at a time. His blog is a collection of local cuisines, food culture, and culinary adventures from his travels. His vivid descriptions and beautiful photos make his readers feel like they're dining right alongside him