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13 Best Things To Do In Baltimore, Maryland

Going to a different place can give you a boost in inspiration. When you have new things to do, you’ll feel more stimulated. You can do outdoor activities that you couldn’t before and you could document new things that you would’ve never encountered where you came from.

If you are in Baltimore, Maryland, the first thing that will come to your mind is to explore the city. There are some historic sights that you will definitely miss because of how many there are. You might pass by a restaurant Towson MD and not know about the great food in there.

To help you out, below are 13 things that you should definitely do when in Baltimore, MD.

  1. Try out the food

The food in Baltimore is definitely something worth trying. Choose a restaurant Towson MD where the reviews are approving and taste it for yourself.

  1. Go to a rooftop bar

Rooftop bars are great hangout spots for locals and definitely something new for tourists. They’re not as common in other areas so they stand out in Baltimore.

  1. Go to the beach

The waterfront is another great hangout spot. Aside from the partygoers at the more popular spots, there are also quiet settings.

  1. Go to a sporting event

If you catch a good date, you should definitely go to a sporting event in Baltimore. The fans are very passionate regardless of what sport it is.

  1. Visit Hampden

Hampden is one of those places that you just have to experience. If you are into all things funky, then you will feel at home here.

  1. Marvel at the fish

The National Aquarium boasts its revolutionary architecture as well as the different species inside. There is also an immersive 4D theater inside if you want another unique experience.

  1. Go on a picnic

There are so many places to go for a picnic in Baltimore that it’s impossible to choose just one. Grab a map of picnic areas and throw a dart.

  1. Go to a lesser known historical site

There are lots of maps that detail the popular historical sites. These places are usually populated so you should go for lesser known sites to enjoy the view.

  1. Go on a hike

Hiking in Baltimore especially during the warmer time of the year is a great way to experience the county.

  1. Try out the rye whiskey

Baltimore is home to some of the best distilleries in the country. If you are interested in trying out the different spirits, head over to a tavern or even a distillery in the area.

  1. Attend a festival

The live music at festivals in Baltimore is like no other. It’s a great experience that you won’t really be able to replicate elsewhere.

  1. Appreciate the arts in the museum

Touring the American Visionary Art Museum will give you a sense of how different art can be from person to person.

  1. Stay in

Who said you had to go out to enjoy Baltimore? There are great accommodations in Baltimore that are usually close to a great restaurant Towson MD.

If you’re visiting Baltimore, make sure you drop by to try the great food at the 7West Bistro, the best restaurant Towson MD. Contact us for more details!

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