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Difference between microwave popcorn popper and stovetop popcorn popper

What are the ways to make popcorn at home?

Popcorn is one of the best snacks when it comes to movie times. If you go to a theatre, you can find tasty popcorn out there in the stalls. But, if you are watching your favorite movies or TV shows in your home, you will need to make your popcorn. Instead of buying readymade popcorn from the store, you can try to make your popcorn that is pretty simple. Since there will be only a few members in your home, you do not need any large machine to make popcorn. If you have a microwave oven, you can choose the best microwave popcorn popper to suit your needs. If you have a stove, you can go for a stovetop popcorn popper. In this article, we will discuss the usage and differences between these two popcorn makers.

How to use a microwave popcorn popper?

As the name suggests, this popper can pop the corn using microwaves alone. You need to pour the kernels in the popper and place it inside the microwave oven. The steps to pop using a microwave popper are listed below.

  • Clean the popper
  • Pour the required amount of kernels using the lid, usually half a cup
  • If you need, you can add butter to the silicone lid that will melt the butter during popping to mix it with the corn to add flavor
  • Place the popper in the microwave oven and set an optimum temperature
  • After 3 minutes, you can get the fresh popcorn with delicious taste
  • Dump the corn into a bowl and serve

Advantages of a microwave popcorn popper

  • You can prepare popcorn within 3 minutes
  • You can get low-calorie popcorn since no oil is involved

How to use a stovetop popcorn popper?

  • Season the popper pan by applying vegetable oil over it and heating for a few seconds
  • After 20 seconds turn off the burner and let the pan to cool
  • Wipe out the pan using a napkin
  • Pour the kernels along with other ingredients like oil, butter and salt
  • Turn on the burner
  • Stir the ingredients timely and let the heat spread equally to the kernels
  • When there is 1 to 2 seconds gap between the pops, stop the burner and take the popper out
  • Dump the fresh corn into a bowl and add any other flavors if you need
  • Serve the delicious popcorn

Advantages of using a stovetop popcorn popper

  • Simple to pop without any machines or oven
  • You can make delicious popcorn without any additional chemicals
  • You can reduce oil usage depending on your need and convenience


Both the microwave popcorn popper and the stovetop popper will be convenient to use. You can choose either depending upon your need and presence of equipment. If you need to add oil, you can prefer stovetop popper, and if you do not need oil, you can go for microwave popper. Unlike commercial popcorn machines, these two types are incredibly inexpensive, but you can serve an only limited number of servings.

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