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  Welsh Cheese: A Beginner’s Guide

If you’re looking to learn more about Welsh cheese, this article can provide an overview of what you can expect from the different varieties available to you. For example, some types of Welsh cheese are soft and mild, while others are crumbly and sharp, so it’s important to know the difference before you buy. You’ll also want to pay attention to how long each type of cheese keeps, as well as its flavour profile and whether or not it contains rinds or mold. With this basic knowledge under your belt, you can start exploring your favourite Welsh cheeses in more detail.

The History of Welsh Cheese

Welsh cheese dates back centuries, to when Welsh farmers would make and sell their own cheese. It was especially popular in markets and fairs—the perfect snack to munch on while you shopped. The tradition stuck, though today many people buy their Welsh cheese at shops or order it directly from companies. You can get traditional Welsh cheeses like Caerphilly or tasty options like Wensleydale (often eaten with fruit or chocolate) by shopping online or visiting a local retailer.

The Welsh Cheeses You Need To Try

Welsh cheese comes in a variety of styles. Here’s a list of some of our favourite Welsh cheeses, whether you’re vegan or not! If you can’t find it locally, search for where to buy Welsh cheese online. Snowdonia cheese is very popular in Wales, they offer tasty flavours such as garlic and herb, or their famous black bomber flavour. Another great option is Caws Cennarth, the company is family owned founded in 1987, but cheese making within the family dates back to 1903!

Where Can I Buy Cheeses From Wales?

Welsh cheeses are delicious, and there are several delicious Welsh cheeses out there. So, where can you buy Welsh cheese? You can visit local shops and farmers markets to find some of your favorite types. If you want to purchase online, many online retailers provide a wide range of options for shipping directly to your home or office. Many online stores will have a large selection of different Welsh cheese producers, such as Snowdonia Cheese, and Caws Cennarth.

Pairing Cheese With Wine – It’s Not As Complicated As You Think!

In case you’re wondering, cheese and wine are not mutually exclusive. The truth is that many cheeses taste better when paired with a certain type of wine. Yes, there is a certain science to pairing cheese with wine, but it’s much more straightforward than you might think! First and foremost, remember that every cheese has its own distinct taste profile. You can match different types of wines with different types of cheeses by considering four factors: body, acidity, tannin, and sweetness.

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