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Shocking Things You Didn’t Know About Vegetarianism

Vegetarians are proclaimed to live the longest. One reason is that they have ditched saturated fat, which can cause heart diseases. They also stock up on carbs like potatoes due to potatoes nutrition, which enhances brain function. What if that was all a myth. Most of these beliefs are pretty far from the truth, and in many ways, vegetarianism isn’t more healthy or ethical. Keep reading to find out shocking things you didn’t know about vegetarianism.

They Overeat Sugar

Vegetarians eat more sugar than people realize. Think about it; vegetarians eat more carbs than any other type of food. A typical vegetarian’s diet includes bread, rice, vegetables, potatoes, and fruits. Although some of these carbs are good for you, like potatoes based on potatoes nutrition, most of them are pure sugar. As we all know, sugar is inflammatory and can suppress your immune system triggering an auto-immune condition. It can also cause heart disease, insulin resistance, diabetes, and many more. We are also aware that sugar is highly addictive and isn’t so healthy for the body. Except they eat more healthy carbs like potatoes to gain from potatoes nutrition, they might have a potential problem on their hand.

They Consume too Much Seed Oils.

Butter is a better alternative to seed oils because of its instability and quick oxidization. Seed oils are also known to create toxicity in the body, while butter coconut oi and lard promote gut and brain health. They’re also ideal for fat burning, and contrary to beliefs, no proof has been found connected saturated fats to heart disease. Vegetarians tend to consume more seed oil, and they’re known to cause migraines, allergies, and even cancer. This fact goes to sure that a beef cut is far healthier than roasted nuts.

They are Malnourished and Nutrient Deficient

Eating only plant-based protein, except soy and quinoa, is never enough. That’s why it is known that most vegetarians, especially vegans tend to be malnourished. They stand a high risk of suffering from iron and B12 deficiency. They also suffer from decreased immune system function, and the nervous system doesn’t function so well either. In addition, vegetarian protein like tofu which is processed is known to cause greenhouse gas pollution. Soy is also known to lead to significant hormonal imbalances and is considered highly inflammatory. This fact shows that vegetarians stand at risk of many health issues than those who eat meat.

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