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Exciting Packed Lunched Ideas For Those Bored Of Salads And Sandwiches

Whether you’re preparing yourself for a long day of study or returning to the office for a busy day of work, you are likely to be bringing with you a preprepared packed lunch. For many across the country, salads and sandwiches are the go-to menu for a quick and easy lunch. These dishes are popular to the point of ubiquity but, unfortunately, their consumption often leads to boredom, with people growing tired of the same variations that their local supermarket has to offer.

There is, however, so much potential for exciting packed lunches, with a number of dishes lending themselves to the portability and convenience of the most popular items. Flavours from around the world and ingredients that you may not have previously considered. This is why we’ve put together a list of ideas for those tired of salads and sandwiches, ensuring that lunches remain interesting and delicious, even on the busiest of days.


Sushi and sashimi have become a new favourite of the office place, kept inside their little trays with a serving of soy sauce on the side. While they certainly are delicious options, it seems odd that the onigirazu has not become even more popular considering its parallels with the sandwich. This delicious dish is, however, far more exciting than any sandwich, and healthier too!

Jollof Rice

Thinking of rice, there are a number of great rice dishes that can be prepared in advance, allowing you to take exciting flavours with you on the go. And what flavour is more vibrant than jollof rice? Now available in microwave rice packets, this iconic West African dish can be stored easily and made quickly, ensuring that you have access to amazing smoky, spicy tastes at all times.

Miso-Sesame Noodles

Great noodle dishes don’t need to be hot. In fact, this cold-served miso-noodle dish is a favourite among many office workers across the world, allowing people to enjoy a nutritious and moreish meal no matter how busy their schedule becomes. Large batches can also be prepared in advance and portioned out each day!


This dish might be a favourite of the winter period but its spice also makes it an incredible, spicy dish to enjoy during the hotter months too. Prepare it in advance, freezing portions, and you will always have great food to fall back on. Plus, depending on how hungry you are, sides can be swapped out. But we’d recommend a hearty sourdough bread to soak up all the sauce.

Buddha Bowls

Buddha bowls are, as their name might suggest, remarkably good for you. Full of rice, legumes, fresh vegetables, and spices, these dishes are all the energy and nutrition you could possibly want for your day in a single bowl. In addition to being easy to transport and served cold, they can be made with whatever ingredients you have to hand on the day, including leftovers. This is also the ideal option for vegans and vegetarians, often heralded as the best meal for those wanting to pursue clean eating.

Tom Clark: Tom, a travel and food blogger, explores the world one dish at a time. His blog is a collection of local cuisines, food culture, and culinary adventures from his travels. His vivid descriptions and beautiful photos make his readers feel like they're dining right alongside him