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BBQ Baked Chicken Wings Recipe – Juicy and Yummy Delight

Non-Vegetarians are increasing in population day by day, and so is the demand for perfect chicken recipes and delights. Chicken is considered a high and rich source of protein amongst many individuals, so there are people who are constantly searching for something new to cook every day with the core ingredient being – Chicken. However, it is true, that the amount of protein a dish of Chicken can give us, any other dish in the category of vegetarians, cannot even come nearby the competition.

A large number of people in North India are lovers of Chicken. Chicken is considered one of the healthiest food consumption items if the intake is in adequate quantities. It is believed that Chicken comes from low-calorie and low-fat high protein sources. Thus, a considerable amount of chicken consumption would give no harm to your health. However, excess of anything is bad, and so, excess consumption of Chicken could cause kidney stone disease to a large extent.

Let us not focus on the consequences of Chicken at the moment. God has given us all one life and if you do not eat to your fullest in this life then what have you done? Therefore, focus on the positives and keep infusing ingredients to make a new chicken dish every time you enter the kitchen.

The Want of Chicken in an Indian Household

Chicken has come down from the Mughlai period to date. Since then, Indians have incorporated this dish into their cuisine and continue experimenting with it with the help of various spices and “Tadkas”. Around the world also, Chicken is considered to be the on-the-go food for every person. Now a days different variests are made using sauces like High on Chicken Peri Peri sauces, High on Chicken wings sauces and more. 

Some of the few benefits of chicken consumption are –

  1. Chicken is easy to eat
  2. Chicken helps in building muscles 
  3. Chicken strengths bones
  4. Chicken aids in the promotion of good health 
  5. Chicken (especially boiled) aids in weight loss

Thus, it is high time you invest money in your chicken cooking routine and enjoy the juicy taste of the various delights obtained as an outcome. 

Many brands promote the ingredients used for chicken cooking, and out of this, the more trusted is High on Chicken. The brand High on Chicken supplies sauces that can be used to make your chicken dish even tastier with the consistency of the taste being maintained throughout.

BBQ Baked Chicken Wings Recipe 

The BBQ Baked Chicken Wings come under the category of comfort foods, those which you can easily pick up and eat with the right amount of portion going into your mouth. The dish hardly requires any preparation time and would always taste as good as the first time if made using the proper ingredients and measurements.

As mentioned before, one can use the High on Chicken sauces to enhance these dishes’ flavor. The BBQ Baked Chicken Wings have the authentic flavor of the High on Chicken BBQ sauce accompanied by the taste of various infused spices. The spices used in the Indian kitchen would just enhance the flavor of this dish and make it finger-licking good.

Let us briefly discuss the procedure of making this fantastic recipe in much less time.

The Procedure for Making the BBQ Baked Chicken Wings 

Preparation Time – 45 Minutes 

Servings – 3 to 4 Serves 

Step 1 

In the initial step, preheat the oven to around 130 degrees.

Step 2 

Now place the chicken wings in a bowl, and mix the wings with salt, and baking powder, respectively. Ensure that the Chicken is coated properly and evenly.

Step 3 

Take the chicken wings out of the bowl and evenly spread them upon a baking tray.

Step 4 

Now, place the chicken wings tray in the oven and back it for about 35 minutes in the preheated oven.

Step 5 

Raise the oven temperature to around 220 degrees without removing the chicken wings tray. Bake the wings for another 45 minutes until they have turned golden brown and crispy.

Step 6 

Take a separate pan, and add the extraordinary and delicious High on Chicken BBQ sauce in the pan. Let the sauce come to a boil.

Step 7 

Add the baked chicken wings and coat them well and evenly in the boiled High on Chicken BBQ sauce.

Step 8 

Serve the BBQ Baked Chicken Wings till they are hot and crispy!

The BBQ Baked Chicken Wings recipe is quick, easy to make, and liked by all members of all age groups. One can also infuse their spices and flavors and give the dish a completely new turning point.

Keep experimenting with your cooking different techniques and use your creativity to make your faces smile and stomachs happy!

Tom Clark: Tom, a travel and food blogger, explores the world one dish at a time. His blog is a collection of local cuisines, food culture, and culinary adventures from his travels. His vivid descriptions and beautiful photos make his readers feel like they're dining right alongside him